Install dependencies

An install-dependencies action can install or update dependencies for the given ecosystem. Currently, it supports the PHP ecosystem (composer) and the Node ecosystem (yarn and npm).

Fluent API

The fluent API translates to the object syntax under the hood, so you can look at the object API reference to understand what every method and property do.


  • Parameter: install or update
  • Default: install
module.exports = Preset.make('My preset')

This methods returns a PendingDependencyInstallation object. Alternatively, updateDependencies can be used and will default to the update installation mode.


  • Parameter: node or php

The name of the ecosystem to install dependencies for.


  • Parameter: install or update

The type of installation.


  • Parameter: bool
  • Default: true

Whether or not to perform the installation without asking for user confirmation. If omitted, confirmation will be asked. If the given parameter is false, confirmation will be asked.

Object API


  • Type: node or php

The ecosystem against which to install the dependencies.


  • Type: install or update

Whether to install or update the dependencies.


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Whether or not to ask before installing the dependencies.