Preset isn't the first tool in its category. Alternatives are available, each having their props and cons. But Preset is the first tool to actually focus on modifying existing projects. The projects listed below are scaffolding tools that you may want to know about.


SAO is a scaffolding tool which inspired Preset a lot. It looks similar on paper, but there is a fundamental difference: SAO was made for scaffolding, while Preset is primarily meant for editing already scaffolded projects—even though it can do both.

While SAO is useful, it doesn't answer the same needs. It is closer to Yeoman.


Yeoman is another scaffolding tool with a great and mature ecosystem. Though, similarly to SAO, it does not answer to the same needs.

The main con with Yeoman is that it is quite complex to dive into. Additionally, generators need to be manually installed—Yeoman does not do it for you.


Plop is a generator that needs to be installed as a project dependency—though it can be installed globally. Plops looks for a plopfile in the project it is installed, which defines all of the generators it has access to.

Everything is local to a project... which means Preset could actually be used to scaffold a plopfile. And Plop could be used to generate the files needed to implement a new action within Preset.